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I have heard a lot of people tell me about purpose recently. This is usually after I express my desire to not have a job and have no purpose but what I determine it is from moment to moment. It is a this point people will say something along the lines of ‘But don’t you want a purpose, a reason to get up and get out everyday?’ To which I usually have no response, as what is my purpose at that point? What is the point of getting up everyday if I don’t have a job or a family or a house really?

I have been thinking on it for a while now and I will express my opinions on it for the current moment. They are bound to change with time as maturity.

Purpose when spoken of in this type of context I think means fulfillment, what drives you what fulfills you and satisfies you. Purpose is driven by satisfaction, after all right? You want to find a job that satisfies when you do it and even if it is hard it gives you purpose and it is found to be fulfilling. A person who has a family finds purpose in their family as they are fulfilling and enjoyable. Same is true for a person with a job or a relationship. The satisfaction drives purpose and the purpose drives satisfaction.

With all this in mind. Here is how I understand what I want my purpose to be.

What if you can find fulfillment in nothing. Not literal nothing, say you have your base needs met. Food, shelter maybe companionship. If you could find satisfaction in say meditation all day, is that still a lack of purpose? If you can be happy with very little is that not the ultimate satisfaction?

The ultimate purpose?

Purpose after all is driven by satisfaction and satisfaction is a state of mind. If you could be satisfied with little to nothing then is that not a higher purpose than a job?

Is this whole thing selfish?

Is questioning purpose purposeless in itself?