A personal blog. Not made to be read or shared, but to be lost on the internet.

On The Couch

We were laying on the couch stretched out, with you on top of me, head resting on my chest, legs interlaced. I was falling asleep not really paying attention to the what was playing, when I feet you stirring. I could feel your hips pushing up against my thigh, just a little bit of pressure then release, press and release. I turn my head and I look down at you and get a glance of you looking back at me with your sea green eyes, biting your lip. You quickly burying your face against my chest, and go still. I smile a little confused and turn my attention back to the TV. A few minutes later I can feel your hips slowing stealthily grinding against my thigh again, I pretend not too notice, and I feel your pace pick up, growing bolder at my apparent inattention. I glance at you again and I find you already staring at me biting your bottom lip eyes full of innocence, more boldly this time, but then you blush and press your head against my chest again.

I pretend to divert my attention and almost immediately I feel you stir and look back at me, pressing your hips forcefully against my thigh, desperate for attention. I quickly turn my head and this time you hold my gaze defiantly, eyes full of stubborn intent still making little circles, your hips against me. Daring me to make a move to stop your play.

I move my hand and place it on your lower back pushing up your black tank top, my hand pressed against your warm skin. I can feel you getting restless and bolder even as I am looking at you I can feel your body shiver under my touch and I feel your hips gyrating against my thigh, holding my gaze I feel you speed up and press down against my leg. A small moan escapes your lips as I use my hand on your lower back and push you against me, the circles your hips are making get a little bigger and the pressure increases. With your hips grinding against my thigh I can feel myself getting aroused as you stare up at me, emboldened by participation in your escapades.

While pressing against me I start rocking my leg with your rhythm and suddenly you shift, moving your arms over mine and reaching behind my back in a big horizontal embrace. My arms now pinned against my side your eyes glaze over as you concentrate on the pleasure you are getting. Having successfully held me in place you divert your gaze from me and thrust your hips rhythmically against my prone body. Suddenly in the throes you press your face hard into my chest through my shirt you bite me, hard. A playful, painful bite, I involuntarily buck against you body, in reaction, and as I do you let out a loud moan, you’ve made it clear you are going to get what you want from me. We rhythmically press our bodies together grinding against each other. If I am getting too lax, you bite me, forcing my body to react and tense my legs where you are readily riding me.

After being held prone we make eye contact and with a pleasurable fire in your eyes, you wordlessly daring me to interrupt you and your grip around me. Mid thrust I quickly raise the leg that is between yours. With a gasp that is equal parts, surprise, pleasure and pain, your grip on me is released and your whole body is pushed forward with your face raising to meet mine. Our eyes meet and you are temporarily shaken I stare at you with strong intent and desire, and am met with one of equal ferocity. With my hands free I raise myself and turn so you fall against the sofa where I had lain moments previous. On your back and gasping with surprise I am now on top of you and I quickly grab both your wrists above your head and hold them there. Bracing with that hand I am on my knees holding your hands over your head with one hand, and with the other I pull up your top over your head and wrapping it around your forearms. Your bare chest exposed to me now, your hands tied, I feel you desperately whimpering for my touch.

“Please…” you moan, “Please…” now in a submissive position. I lean over your nude body, and can feeling you struggling for anything to thrust against. As I lean over your head lifts up to meet mine as we kiss. Your tongue parts my lips . This time it is me who gasps, feeling your warm body underneath me as you bite my lip. I quickly pull off my shirt. I see you looking lustfully at me, and look so beautiful begging for my touch. With your arms still over your head caught in your top, I hold you in place, and with my other hand use my fingers and start tracing down your navel. An involuntarily shiver in your stomach as I lightly tickle you. Full of innocence and lust you watch me obediently as I trace down to your jeans. I undo the first button and reach down between your legs. Outside of your panties I stop at your mons and you whimper and bend your hips and as you do my fingers graze the outside of your clitoris. You hum dissatisfied at that small touch and I feel the wetness soaking through. As I reach down further I press my body against you feeling your breasts against my chest and your heat matching mine. With my hand between your legs I start making small circles outside of the thin slip of your panties, you match my rhythm and soon you are needing more stimulation “..Inside me…” you gasp, staring at me eyes full of desire and passion. You start squirming underneath me trying to get me worked up so and give into my lust for your body. My patience is matched with your desperation. I lean down my face close to yours And lightly bite your lip, and as I do I bring my hand underneath the fabric of your panties, parting your labia and with two fingers and savoring how wet you are slow insert my fingers inside of you. I place my thumb against your clit and you loudly gasp with the sudden stimulation combined with the lip bite.

I quickly remove my fingers and bring them to your lips where you desperately take them into your mouth and taste your beautiful wetness. You continue sucking on my fingers seductively, occasionally taking them to the back of your throat and I can feel your throat close around them as you gag just a little. My hand bracing your arms up comes down to your nethers, parts your lips and your hips bend to meet it. My thumb against your clit and fingers inside of you, I rock my hand back and forth your hips thrusting against my hand. I pull my fingers from your lips replacing them with my tongue as we passionately kiss. Our bodies undulating in rhythm I feel you start to tense up and quickly lower my face to between your legs whilst pulling your jeans and panties down. My tongues parts your labia and my nose pressing against your clit, I taste your wetness and love how it quivers as my tongue explores your folds. Your hands come down, still tangled bring them to the back of my head and forcefully pressing my face against your thrusting hips. I hear you scream in pleasure as I move my tongue underneath your clitoral hood and the fullness of the feeling rocks your body. Your legs tense up on either side of my head as you start to orgasm. Feeling you start to finish I rhythmically apply pressure with my tongue prolonging your pleasure each time feeling your body tense up and release, your body finishing in desperation.

You fall limp exhausted as I bring my head up from between you and rise up to your level, our faces meeting, I can see you about to fall asleep, your eyes half closed. I lay on my side next to you and you cuddle against me, becoming the small spoon, I can feel your butt press against my hips and slowly rock up and down as I place my arm around you and bring you closer, your body heat warming me up. You murmur something incomprehensible and press you butt against my crouch again, and I get the intent. “Later…” I whisper as you feel asleep in my arms, and I shortly after.